The Freefall

The Freefall is a versatile development platform for motion intensive designs.
This bleeding-edge hardware makes quick work of integrating motion/tilt sensing, native USB communication, and mobility into any application.

Features at a Glance:

  • ATmega168 microcontroller at up to 12MHz
  • 3-axis, 8g digital accelerometer
  • Integrated battery charging
  • Native USB connectivity with Mini-B Jack
  • USB bootloading pre-configured
  • 2 high-brightness LED drivers
  • Open-source toolchain and firmware/software codebase

Small and Lightweight Package

Weighing in at 5 grams and measuring a mere 1.04"x1.72", the Freefall has huge potential per square inch. It can be used as a 24-pin PDIP package in a standard 100mil-spaced breadboard, or it can fly solo in an application on battery power, without the headers.

Software Integration

When you make the move to PC integration, you're not left in the dark. Downloadable example code is available for libusb integration, USB HID packet transmission, and real-time data visualization. The sensor reporting example shows off all the components working together.

Get Yours Now

You can order a Freefall board right now from our shop.

Freefall Handbook PDF

The complete Freefall Handbook including software, hardware, and firmware documentation is available as a direct download in PDF format:

Freefall Handbook

Download the Sources

Pick your poison:

TAR.GZ download (Linux): freefall-src.tar.gz

ZIP download (Windows):